Our Process

Planning Phase

    1. Knowing who you are talking to
    2. Understanding their buyers journey for you products
    3. Know the goals of your website
    4. Set up an SEO friendly structure for all pages
    5. Plan content and conversion points for each phase based on buyers journey
    6. Set up a plan with timeline, milestones and costs


  1. Keyword research – in the planning phase
  2. Set structure according to best seo practice
  3. Use keywords  when making content
  4. Add relevant metadata
  5. Tag images

Content Phase

  1. Write to your target audience
  2. Talk to both head and the heart
  3. Build trust with good pictures/videos of employees

Design Phase

  1. Draw all websites in photoshop
  2. Make sure design is aligned with companies design guideline
  3. Design should ensure user friendly navigation, lift up content and make sure the site is aligned with goals (for example conversion)
  4. Make sure design is scalable to all surfaces. Not all creative ideas are
  5. Get client to approve design

Development Phase

  1. Develop pages – make sure they load fast and scales good
  2. Develop all functionality

Testing and launching

  1. Internal testing, trouble checking and quality assurance
  2. Send to customer. They will quality check
  3. Make a manual for client, so that they can update site themeselves
  4. Setup hosting, pointing domain
  5. Make 301 redirect of all old links
  6. Setup google analytics with goals of site

Hosting and maintenance

  1. Hosting on high spec that meets speed needs
  2. Update all plugins once a month
  3. Back up every night

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